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About Us

We, ERSA INDUSTRIAL OILS, have been serving the industry of our country with our staff members who are equipped with the highest level of technical build-up and our product range of high quality for six years by strengthening our special oils adventure which we started with MOLYDUVAL of GERMANY with the distributorships of the brands BVAdvanced and RENITE as well as ERALUBE.

Naturally, such sectors as machining, food, textile, iron and steel, etc. industries which have been the locomotives of our country's industry for many years are among the major subject matters of activity in which we make optimum efforts. Our copious contributions to the sector are increasing with every passing day within the framework of the efforts of cost efficiency, quality improvement and maintenance of the international competitive power especially in these sectors in recent years.

We are trying to offer our high-performance products to businesses under the most economical conditions by combining the direct machine lubrication diagrams, foresights and suggestions of machine manufacturers with the operational conditions through our branched-out specialised sales staff members whom we have in our organisation.

We offer this new catalogue of ours which we have carefully prepared for this purpose and in which you may find our products and the points where such products may be used all together for your information. We would also like to state that all our products we offer to the disposal of the sector are available in our stocks at all times.

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